Ultrasound Direct: 10% off any scan over 16 weeks

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Ultrasound Direct Bedford & Milton Keynes

Our comprehensive range of Pregnancy scans start from as early as 6 weeks go all the way to term.

Looking for a bit of reassurance between your NHS scans we offer a Quick Assure scan to check up on baby.

Boy or Girl? Our Gender scans are available from 16 weeks.

Our 4D bonding scans are available from 24-32 weeks (20-26 for twins) giving you the chance to bond with baby before the big arrival!

Other scan services include the Non Invasive Pregnancy screening test (NIPT); a risk assessment of the three main trisomies for Edwards, Downs & Patau syndrome; as well as Quick Assure and Growth scans to monitor your baby’s development

We also offer Men’s & Women’s Health ultrasound scans which can be used in assessing for a number of conditions as well as giving peace of mind when you need it most.

Scans include those ‘for Fertility, Well Woman, Post Menopause as well as Kidney, Bladder & Prostate, Testes & Scrotum.

Booking a scan with Ultrasound Direct is easy and you don’t need a GP referral. Plus, all your images and reports are sent to your mobile or email straight from your appointment.

Struggling with a sports injury or just those general aches and pains? MSK scans are available to pinpoint that pain.

Staff in both locations are also qualified to take blood tests: ideal for those undertaking IVF or other health assessments.


To redeem this offer, please contact directly on 01234 346844 (Bedford) or 01908 260963 (Milton Keynes) and show your discount card at your appointment.

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