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Each GoTo Network area will eventually have its own Magazine and GoTo Business Directory. A local and free magazine dedicated to the people & businesses in its local area. 

Our Current Magazine is on issue 12 and 6000 copies are delivered and collected from several venues in Milton Keynes. As our networks grow so will the magazine as this is a vital part of how we promote our network to its local community.

Described by our current customers as the coffee table magazine & directory that every house needs.

You can read our latest edition online @ www.goto-magazine-issue-12

Previous Issues:


Publication Dates:

  • Issue 13: 1st November 2021 (artwork deadline 30th September 2021 )

  • Issue 14: 1st Feb 2022 (artwork deadline 22nd December 2021)

  • Issue 15: 1st May 2022 (artwork deadline 31st March 2022)

Pricing outside of memberships:

  • ¼ page advert: £75

  • ½ page advert: £150

  • Full page advert: £250

Discounts are available if space is booked in all four Magazines per year.

Contact us @ [email protected]