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People interact with print advertising in ways that are different from digital advertising. A print advertisement, for example, is much more likely to be remembered by the viewer than one in digital format. As a result, consumers place higher values on products and services advertised in print than they do on the internet.

Our Current Magazine is on its 18th issue and 10,000 copies are available online, delivered and collected from several locations in Milton Keynes and Bedford.

Having a local magazine is a vital part of our network’s promotion to the community, and we love it when customers keep it for the next time they need help.

Described by our current customers as the coffee table magazine and business directory that every house needs.

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* 2024 Edition – Out Now

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More than a magazine!

Networking Events, PR in our 24,000 member Facebook group and an online business listing too!

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  • ¼ page advert: £99 

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