Advertising Packages

Roger Eddowes
Roger Eddowes
Essendon Accounts & Tax
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“Ask Go To is a great community of like-minded business people looking out for each other. As a business owner it’s a cost effective organisation to advertise with, the returns from referrals and support far outweighs the investment.”
Tracy English
Tracy English
The English Rose
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"The mum to mum network is run by an amazing woman who will promote your business as much as possible, and with a huge number of members, you would be crazy not to join."
Carlo Di Piro
Carlo Di Piro
The Mane Man
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"Hey there! The services you provide have been extremely helpful to me, and I would like to thank you very much for that! This company has helped my business grow, I'll be staying for a long time because of the excellent service I receive! This is an absolutely amazing service!"
Shrimp & Doodle
Shrimp & Doodle
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The day I signed up and posted in the group, I had a party booked, which allowed me to get back the money I spent on your advertising, plus lots more people became interested in booking. It was well worth the money!
Fordy's Fitness
Fordy's Fitness
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Within the first week of posting on the Facebook Group, I have already acquired a new client!
Milton Keynes Preparatory School
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In terms of advertising, the PR package is one of the best investments we've made. The advertising works and Ask Go is a great company to work with!
Facebook Group Members

1: Online Advertising - Mum to Mum

Only businesses who work with us can promote to our 24,200 members. This package allows you to advertise weekly in our Facebook Groups and also have an online directory listing which is also promoted to members and followers.
£ 120 Yearly
  • An Online SEO listing here on our Business Directory
  • Weekly Post Shares in our 24,200 member Facebook Group & Automatic Post Approval
  • 3 Line Listing in our Print Directory

2: Add Monthly Networking or
a 1/4 page in our Magazine.

11 Events per year or 2 x adverts per year.
£ 25 Monthly
  • As package 1 above.
  • Plus 11 Networking Events per year
  • OR 1 x 1/4 page advert in our six monthly magazine - 2 per year.

3: Add Print Advertising

Magazines twice a year
£ 790 Per Year or £75 Per Month
  • Advertising package with three touch points
  • As package 1 & 2 plus 2 x FULL pages per year in our evergreen print magazine
  • Available with 2 x 1/4 page @ £420 or 2 x 1/2 pages @ £600 - Please email us to set up.
  • Plus pinned posts in our Facebook Group and shares on our stories on Instagram.

Magazine Only

£ 99
From £99 to £599 per issue.
  • 1/4 page - £99
  • 1/2 page - £198
  • Full Page - £330
  • Double Page - £599

PR Partner Membership

Lock Out Your Business Type - 1 Estate Agent per area for e.g
£ 1400 Per Year or £125 per month
  • Speak Exclusively to 23,700 LOCAL members weekly
  • DOUBLE page feature in the Print Directory
  • Bring Banner Stands to Events
  • ALL Networking Events Included
  • Facebook Banner PR twice per year