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Out of Class is a young charity run by a dynamic team of people who think difference is good. We believe dreams are where plans are born and just because someone has fallen short of the academic measure used by our education system it shouldn’t mean the end of opportunity altogether. Struggling academically doesn’t always mean working harder… sometimes it just means working differently, thinking outside the box and in our case outside of class.

Out of Class was made to help young people find something they love so when the age old question “what do you want to do when you finish school?” comes around they might just have an answer.

We offer private Equine Assisted Therapy session as well as the below projects in partnership with schools, PRUs and Prisons – See: https://www.outofclassuk.co.uk/projects-1


Equine Assisted therapy sessions for yourself, your child or loved ones.

We’ve all heard of retail therapy, right!? but what about something more wholesome and long lasting… Talking therapies such as counselling have been known to help people maintain strong mental health for a long time and more recently the connection has been made between animals and our own wellbeing.

Similarly people have valued maintaining their physical health for many years but it’s taken far longer for the positive impact of strong self care to be felt. Therapy is no longer seen as a place to go when you are struggling but instead is a valuable way to maintain strong mental health while being part of a challenging world.

Daily life can be draining for both children and adults alike, and without regular self care those daily challenges can build up. So whether you use the sessions as a preventative system or a safe space to process historical traumas, there’s one thing we are sure of – being here, with our amazing horses will make things feel at least a little better.

Sessions are tailored to your needs, you can book for just one person or for a pair. Abbey who handles the bookings will then give you a call or email and confirm. Then on your first session you will meet the ponies and Stevie who leads the sessions. Stevie will discuss the possible directions sessions can go in. Stevie has worked with both adults and young people for about ten years, both in a private setting and in the criminal justice system. Helping clients face issues such as divorce, eating disorders, sexual/physical and emotional abuse as well as the pressures of every day life. Stevie’s approach is kind, non judgemental yet realistic and solution focused.

Stevie says “Some clients don’t particularly need to talk about anything deep, they just need that one hour a week where they can simply be. Other clients come to sessions to dig into historical trauma or complicated behavioural habits, either way I’m pleased the horses and I can help.”