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Mama Bees Bumps is a friendly, welcoming antenatal class taught by a registered, professional midwife.
Mama Bees knows the importance of support and honesty throughout your baby journey, and we welcome you to our straightforward, comfortable and informative antenatal class.

Over 4 weeks we will take you through the journey of the final part of your pregnancy, childbirth and the early newborn days. With over 13 years of professional experience, we are ready to answer anything, talk about anything and support you in anything (yes, even the poo question…). And when you are ready, we’d love you to continue your parenting journey with our amazing baby and toddler group, Mama Bees Little Bees.

From babies to bigger ones, tiny ones to toddlers, our specially designed courses and sessions will help you and your little ones have a wonderful time together.

Every week we take you on an amazing journey. From your local
duck pond and farmyard, through the wilds of Africa and across the whole world, together we will explore the amazing and exciting big wide world we live in.

Every session is happy and fun and has been developed alongside the Early Years Framework (EYFS). We use singing and interaction to help develop little brains – research shows that the rhythms and patterns in music help develop the part of the brain which is used for maths, speech and language, and our exciting interactions encourage core strength, fine and gross motor skills.

  • At Mama Bees we love our babies and children.
  • We also love our grown up people!
  • We know how important that other people can be in our parental journey, and we want to help our amazing grown up people find help, support and friends too.
  • An important part of every session is some time in the middle designed to encourage our Mama (and Papa, Grandparent-a and Carer-a, anybody who is kind, non judgemental and wants to have fun with their baby and make friends is welcome) Bees to network and chat. Or even just spend some time with your little bees in the friendly, supportive atmosphere of a Mama Bees Little Bees session.
  • Our welcoming venue has an established nursery facility available. If you have slightly older ones but want to focus on some quality time with your new small one you are welcome to sign them into the pay as you go nursery (a small hourly fee applies).

Please contact us for more details if you are interested in this service @

We know that smiling and laughing is an important part of everyone’s day (we absolutely LOVE a baby giggle) so why not come and smile with us today. Come and join us, we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you, your bump, partner and little ones into the Mama Bees family.