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Welcome to LYFE, a community committed to helping you unleash your best self and love yourself – forever!

At LYFE we offer aesthetics services, fitness and wellness classes that will help you look and feel amazing. Whether you’re looking to get rid of those age defining wrinkles, replace hair lost through the challenges or life, or simply looking to get fitter, healthier and feeling younger – choosing LYFE will be perfect for you.

Look and feel amazing with our minimally invasive treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, hair-loss treatments, BB Glow and vitamin shots. Boost your self-esteem with the ultimate pick me up giving you the confidence to unleash your best self!

Live, online and in person fitness classes to kick start your day, week, month, LYFE! You can train in the security of your own private space so no embarrassment, no self consciousness, just getting fabulously fit within our amazing supportive community.

Science based and perfect for your mind, body but with added Rock ‘n’ Roll! LYFE pilates classes are live at times to suit your hectic daily life. If our live LYFE classes don’t fit your routine, you can access recordings of each and every class so you don’t miss out on gaining those perfect abs!

Become part of our amazing LYFE community – meet new people, make new friends and start Loving Yourself ForEver. Wellness underpins everything we do giving you access to the latest news and advice on ways to great wellbeing, diet & nutrition, treatments & therapies.

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