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I am Lorraine Smith, Massage Therapist and Specialist Women’s Health Practitioner.
I have a level 4 Qualification in Sports Massage Therapy and have undergone further development in Specialist Female Health subjects such as Pregnancy Massage, Post Natal Rehabilitation and Massage, Scar Therapy/Scarwork and Oncology Massage.
On a personal level having experienced many of the issue’s women can face on their journey through life I am uniquely placed to truly understand. It is my experience as a Woman that has guided me to this path as there is such a lack of support for many of the issues, we as women face on a regular basis.

The power of massage

I realised the power of massage from that experience and it’s what stopped me from 2 years of suffering. So my new journey into soft tissue therapy began. However I also came across a wonderful physiotherapist who specialised in Women’s Health. I had no idea that these kind of things were available and I felt a calling to learn more about it and develop a specialism in Women’s Heath to help others who have been in the similar situations to me.
So I trained in Sports Massage and achieved a VTCT Level 3 qualification.

As part of the course I had to find a placement for practical experience. It just so happened that I ended up working at Leighton Town FC. I have been there ever since working with the players supporting them to keep injury free and if they do get injured to aid their recovery. I also went on to get my level 4 certificate so that I can work with injuries and support recovery.