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I’m Laura Hans, a Perinatal CBT Therapist offering online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) across the UK. CBT is a highly effective psychological treatment for symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I work with anyone aged 18+, who is registered with a GP in the UK. I specialise in Perinatal Mental Health, and have lots of experience working with the following difficulties;

·        Ante/Postnatal Depression

·        Perinatal OCD

·        Birth Trauma 

·        Tokophobia (fear of childbirth)

·        Generalised Anxiety

·        Low-self Esteem

·        Health/Social Anxiety

·        Perfectionism

·        Panic Attacks

·        Agoraphobia



  • I offer CBT to people experiencing difficulties with managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therapy with me takes places online via Zoom or via telephone (client’s choice). I offer a FREE consultation to discuss your difficulties and to talk about how CBT can help. There is no obligation after a consultation to have therapy with me if CBT doesn’t feel quite right. I will always try to advise the best I can.
  • I have a FREE Managing Mood Guide that you can subscribe to on my website which she give you an idea about how CBT can work and whether you think it makes sense for you. The guide can be subscribed to by going to my website homepage here  Laura Hans Therapy | Milton Keynes | CBT Therapist and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  • I also offer a monthly one-off pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing webinar which is like an antenatal class but focusing specifically on mental health and how to spot the signs of being unwell. More info here CBT Online Therapy Services | Laura Hans Therapy