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While working as a gardener for over 6 months now in UK I got the impression that sanitary tree pruning is not something usually done in UK unlike Ukraine.

âť“What do I mean? I see tree pruning being done more for decoration purposes, rather than for tree/bush treatment purposes. Quite often the bushes I see at my clients look pretty from outside, but then I look into more details and it turns out that that bush is very likely to die very soon as nothing has been done for ages. I am not sure if this is happening because the various gardening firms want the greenery look nice and neat from the outside for the clients or that it is not something that historically is being done in UK.

Trees and shrubs need regular cutting of diseased, dried and damaged branches, as well as control of crown density. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the plant becomes more resistant to diseases, looks well-groomed, bears fruit longer and more abundantly.

Types of pruning trees and shrubs
👉Sanitary. First of all, dry, damaged and diseased branches are removed, and then those that interfere with each other, due to which they achieve uniform illumination of the crown.
👉Formative. Gives plants an aesthetic shape, promotes more spectacular flowering. Most often used for ornamental plantings.
👉Anti-aging. Old branches are severely shortened to awaken dormant buds, from which young shoots will begin to grow. In addition, anti-aging pruning helps to increase the size of inflorescences in old shrubs.
I try to explain that to the clients (sorry if not always there with my English), but sanitary tree pruning is very important, especially during this time of the year.
Sanitary pruning of trees is carried out in the following sequence:
👉Removal of dry sections of branches. In this case, you need to capture 1.5-2 cm of healthy wood. If the shoot is completely damaged, a cut is made at the trunk.
👉Pruning branches with frost holes – longitudinal cracks that have appeared due to temperature changes.
👉Elimination of diseased, old, infertile shoots. They are cut “on the ring” – a thickened influx at the base of the branch.
👉Removing branches that grow inside the crown, thickening it and increasing the risk of disease and pests. In addition, most of the fruits begin to form at the top, from where it is inconvenient to remove them.

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“Iryna is very hard working, knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend her!”

“I highly recommend Iryna – she is efficient, hard working, punctual and did a fantastic job of tidying up our (very) overgrown front and back gardens. Thank you very much!”