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As pet owners, we spend a lot of time worrying about our furry friends. Are they bored, lonely, do they get enough exercise? You might be working from home, in the office, busy with family, or just have a hectic lifestyle.

Comfy Paws can give you peace of mind to go about your busy day knowing your pet is in safe hands. We provide a small exclusive, day care and boarding experience in our home where your furry friend will become part of the family.

Day Care



Daycare is structured around your dog’s needs. Our days are filled with walks, play, enrichment activities, adventures, rest, cuddles, general personal care, and of course lots of love. If you need your dog to sleepover so you can go on work trips, attend special events or enjoy your holiday without worry that’s fine too. To use our boarding services your pooch must attend some daycare sessions. This will allow time for us to bond and for your dog to be happy and settled in my home before your time away.

If you are looking for dog walking your pooch doesn’t need to be one of our daycare\boarding pack, introductions can be made and the fun can begin.