About Us

 This website and name might be new but Samantha  started growing her ‘GoTo Community’ way back in 2007 when she became a new mum in a new area.

The Milton Keynes Facebook group started with 20 local mums and now has over  20,000 local members across 4 areas. With over 850 businesses in the network too! 

As the network is growing everyday the idea is to move our digital community over to this website… and also grow similar networks in all the surrounding areas in this one social space. Why?

‘One website, One name and One UK community in One Place’ 

Over the last 4 years the business has grown massively so it was time for a rebrand. After setting up a blog and then starting a business directory, networking events, a local magazine, a discounts app and then a shop. The main part of the businesses needed to become known as one name.

Rather than ‘ask Sam’ as many of my clients say ‘I was told to goto Samantha Poole for advice/support’ I decided to opt for Ask GoTo as we all like to goto someone who has been recommended by someone we trust! And now is the time to grow my goto team and create more business opportunities for like minded and ambitious entrepreneurs across the UK!

Finding flexible work as a single parent was impossible for me, so this is why I set up my business and now want to help others become financially independent too. 

So welcome to our new online community for the:

We strongly believe that advertising, when managed correctly, can fundamentally shape your business by raising its profile, brand awareness and generate sales. We therefore offer cost effective, affordable advertising options as we realise that all businesses have varying budgets available to them and we want your business to be able to afford to advertise and ‘spread the word’.

Next steps:

  1. Set up your profile.
  2. Join your GoTo Area Group or groups.
  3. Connect with your Area Leader if you would like to join the local networking events.
  4. Help grow this new online exclusive community by inviting friends and great experts! This platform is our own unique community managed by us and not a social media platform.
  5. Become a GoTo Expert if you want to promote your business and be part of your local network success team. Membership from £35 per month.
  6. Add FREE events and programmes to our events list. If you are a member you can add paid events too.
  7. Be part of the community by connecting and engaging with the questions and conversations.
  8. Talk to us if you would like to be an Area Leader and start a new GoTo Network in your local area.
  9. Talk to us if you would like a ‘bolt on business opportunity’ or buy a brand in a box.
  10. Enjoy building something new that is set to grow outside of MK and throughout the UK (and possibly the world)

Questions? Collaboration opportunities?
Ideas? Feel free to get in touch @ 07725 348603

The Samantha Poole Network so far…

  • 32,500 Members & Followers