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Janet helps clients heal from Trauma Bonds: Breaking Free from Toxic Relationships

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

What is a trauma bond? This is a bond created by the good/bad reinforcement of a toxic relationship. Trauma bonds occur when a relationship is solidified and defined by trauma, such as toxicity, addiction, abuse, and abandonment.

Trauma bonds are addictive. They offer up salient brain chemicals that are hard to overcome. When people get involved in intimate relationships which are toxic they become hooked on the experiences the loved ones bring into their lives. Breaking an addiction to strong brain chemistry created by powerful emotional experiences is hard to do.

Many women who face narcissistic abuse ‌develop complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, extremely low self-worth, and more – leading to a universe of life-altering physical symptoms and lasting conditions that significantly reduce their quality of life.

Through deep trauma healing integrated with brain, mind, and body based therapy and coaching, you are capable of changing the way you think and feel about the abuse that has happened TO you, not BECAUSE of you and finally unlock the stored trauma that your body has been holding on to.

Janet is a Certified Coach for Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching and runs Trauma Informed Coaching Programs for her clients.

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