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Sensory reflexes MK

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Sensory Reflex and Movement Integration Therapy for babies and children which can be land or water based.

Reflex Integration is a movement helps improve the neurological foundations of sensory-motor development, and the linking up of the brain, using the gentle developmental movements that every baby and infant should learn to make.

From the moment your child was born, they had a set of reflexes to protect them from the world and help them navigate it. As an infant, if you stroked their cheek they would turn their head towards your hand. That’s a reflex to help them find the breast for nursing. At one time, it was integral to a babies survival.

The programme is for anyone who experiences challenges with:
Emotion, Behaviour, Physical Movement, Sensory and Cognitive Processing.

For babies and young children the challenges you may see include, but are not limited to:

Sleeping issues – falling asleep, staying asleep, waking when being moved once asleep
Feeding – including reflux and digestion
Colic symptoms – ongoing crying, periods of time where they are inconsolable
Torticollis – or any body tightness or restriction
Movement concerns – rolling, sitting, crawling, falling
Hypermobility – floppy or over extension
Attachment concerns – including overly attached or disassociation
Birth trauma – concerns that their birth may have impacted their early days

For older children and adults this could include, but not limited to:

ADHD / ADD symptoms – diagnosed or characteristics of
Developmental Delays – both physical and/or cognitive
Autism – diagnosed or characteristics of
Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Sensitivity – noises, lights, certain textures, tastes
Anxiety – from hightend tension through to panic attacks
Hyper Sensitivity – manifests as an ‘over reaction’ or complete shut down
Clumsiness – e.g. challenges catching a ball, falling or stumbling
Fidgeting – e.g. sitting still, irritated by clothing, needing a wee
Symptoms that challenge the ease daily life

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