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Based in Milton Keynes and run by Chris & Linh. Salt Clinic MK provides salt therapy sessions to adults and children with breathing and skin conditions. We opened in September 2011 and celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year.

We provide salt therapy treatment for various respiratory and skin conditions which include: Asthma, COPD, Sinusitis, Bronchiectasis, Hay Fever, Pneumonia, Rhinitis, Psoriasis, Bronchiolitis, Coughs, Eczema, Ear infections, Colds and Flu.

The session is an hour long and is a non-intrusive treatment, children play whilst breathing in the salt and adults have the choice of sleeping or reading in the specially designed salt rooms. There is an adult room where adults can relax on the comfy loungers or meditate to the soothing sounds of gentle waves of the ocean whilst inhaling the salty air. The children’s room provides a fun and safe environment for the little ones to play during a treatment. There are plenty of toys, books, and a tv to keep them entertained throughout the session.

We also sell Himalayan and dead sea salt products: lamps, bath salts

New customers

A free 60 minute complimentary session to new customers @ https://www.saltclinicmk.co.uk/shop

Monday – Friday (subject to availability)


  • Salt Therapy Treatment
  • Yoga in the treatment room

Reviews in association with Facebook & Google 

“The salt clinic MK is amazing! Such a relaxing atmosphere and I would highly recommend for any skin or respiratory illness.” Facebook

“We had our first visit to Salt Clinic MK today and have no hesitation recommending them. Booking the appointment by telephone, and then meeting them at the Clinic… they couldn’t be more pleasant. The ‘cave’ is calm and peaceful. Everything is clean…..toilets, lockers. We have immediately noticed softer skin, and look forward to noticing more benefits over the coming days.” Facebook

“I can’t recommend this enough. I have suffered from sinus issues for years, one go in the cave and it felt better straight away. Now after 4 goes it’s almost gone completely. Plus my asthma is so much better as well. And the guys that run it are very friendly, excellent customer service. Looking forward to my next 9 sessions I bought in one of their deals. Cheers guys!” Facebook