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We cater to all types of people, whether you’re an office worker with a bad neck, a runner who needs maintenance massages or you’ve been injured. Soft Tissue Therapy can help you achieve your goals.

Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist.

Offering remedial massage and sports massage.

Also a Biomechanics Coach, who assesses a client’s movement and offers exercises to improve it.

Contact John for more details and to book.

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‘Definitely recommend Results Soft Tissue Therapy. John is professional but friendly very quickly makes you feel at ease. He knows exactly where to treat and how to help. Fantastic.’
‘I visited John last week for a calf strain. He concentrated on the area and explained what was wrong, what may have caused the issue and good advice about ways to help it moving forward. Thanks very much would highly recommend!’
‘Thank you so much John for yesterday’s massage. My legs are super fine this morning and I feel energised and revitalised . A regular massage is so helpful, plus you’re really good at what you do 👍’