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Welcome to Relax Kids…

Relax Kids supports your children’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing with a range of tools and techniques to help calm their body and mind and build confidence and self-esteem. We use a pioneering 7-step whole-brain holistic approach and fun, magical and creative techniques to help your children feel happier and healthier.

We are here to support parents, teachers and all those working with children with our unique range of meditation, mindful and relaxation products, resources, toolkits, classes and training which have improved over the last 20 years.

How we HELP you and your child

  1. We offer an opportunity for your child to recognise explore and manage emotions.
  2. We show children how to self-soothe by taking them to a calm place where they can give their brain a break from the constant stimulation.
  3. We help you bond with your child, by encouraging a daily routine benefiting both them, yourself and the relationship between you.
  4. Our age appropriate resources will accompany you and your child on a magical journey into the word of mindfulness and self-regulation.
  5. We support you to help your child to build their resilience and tackle common problems like sleep,
    anxiety and low self confidence.
  6. If you ask yourself what you want for your child, there is a high chance you will say ‘I want my child to be happy.

We at Relax Kids have your child’s well being as a top priority and we can support you in gently introducing and practising these essential life skills to help them feel happier and healthier.

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“Really lovely family session today, Emma was very welcoming and great with the kids. I feel like we’ve come away with some good tools for dealing with our anxieties. Highly recommend this workshop.”

“Wow what a beautiful session! I’ve just got back from a baby mindful class and it was so lovely and relaxing. Emma was calm and thoughtful always following the needs of the babies. It was really nice ti take some extra special time with my baby for some mindfulness, meditation and even some singing and bubbles! It was really nice just to get out and meet some other mummies and their babies too. Will definitely return.”

“Emma is amazing! We have attended her sessions for a year now, starting in person and moving to zoom during lockdown, and they have helped my anxious 10 year old no end! I would highly recommend all children attend sessions like these, especially at the moment. The greatest gift we can give our children are the tools to maintain their health and wellbeing, these classes are an excellent start.”