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I specialise in helping mothers to stop running and start living.

Helping women to leave overwhelm behind,reconnecting with who they are, find a job that makes them happy and return home to a family full of love and laughter.

I love guiding women to find a way back to themselves when they have gotten lost through the numerous transitions of motherhood and the juggles of life. Seeing a woman remember who she is or rediscover who she wants to be is incredible.

This is the start of an exciting journey towards creating an authentic life. A meaningful life of fulfillment, peace, empowerment and happiness!

Are you ready to find a way back to yourself?

Gain clarity to know your purpose?

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Trauma resolution: Birth trauma. Fertility journey. Breastfeeding difficulties. Miscarriages/pregnancy loss … The 3 step rewind technique can help you heal by using deep relaxation release and reframe methods to help on your healing journey. You do not have to tell your story if you do not want to, we will work together is a safe way to build your confidence and resilience.