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Milton Keynes Montessori Pre-School

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Milton Keynes Montessori – Lovely Montessori School in the historic town of Stony Stratford and the only accredited Montessori Setting in Milton Keynes.

At Milton Keynes Montessori we believe that education is not merely a preparation for the next stage of development but in fact is a preparation for life.

  • We carefully nurture children’s growing abilities and give them the time and space to learn at their own pace.
  • We believe that children are capable of so much and this is evident in the respect and care we take in all our interactions with our children.
  • We seek to empower the children to become curious, happy and independent learners.

Our environment is calm, ordered and peaceful and this is often commented on by visitors. This is because the environment is prepared to support children to connect and find what they need for their individual growth.

Children are busy, happy and contented. We are proud to be the only accredited Montessori setting in Milton Keynes and immediate surrounding areas, offering an authentic Montessori Education.

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