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My name is Hayley and I help women who are feeling stressed, frustrated, stuck, burnt out or have lost their way and no idea what they want to do. I work with them to explore what they are going through, what their blockers and limiting beliefs are and then through a series of exercises they create inspired action plans to move forward and create a life they desire

I am a menopause & wellness coach supporting women who are struggling with their menopause symptoms, including nutrition & movement!

Self Love Coaching: If you are lacking confidence and need to create some self love, this program is just for you! I work with you to identify where your beliefs have formed and how we can tackle those.

The Wellness Studio: If you want to get into the best shape – both mentally & physically, the Wellness Studio is where it is at! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just be more healthy we have a plan for you!

One to One Coaching: If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, stressed, burnt out, and/or all of the above then coaching is a fantastic way to look at how you can realign your life. Stop doing what doesn’t serve you and start doing what you want to do. This will help create the life you deserve!

HR Consulting: With over 20 years of HR experience, I provide consulting services for project work, advice, guidance, support, wellness & well-being programs, and documents e.g policies and template letters to a variety of organisations.

Belbin Workshops: Dr. Meredith Belbin’s research on high-performing teams is used widely to help people discover, articulate, and refine their strengths, to build more effective teams and improve business performance.

Leadership Development: Do you need some support to help increase the capabilities of your Leaders. I create bespoke development plans, including Leadership Coaching, to help unlock the full potential of your leadership team

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