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Your chiropractor specializes in adjusting the spine and nervous system to enhance brain function(1) and increase quality of life. The brain is the master control system for the body. Poor posture, injuries and repetitive stressors can alter brain computing and affect the way the body can function. An adjustment is a specific force that’s put into the body designed to change the way the system interprets, processes and responds to the environment (2).

We see people with a wide range of health complaints and create a customized program for them to regain their health and live their best life. We also see people who have minimal or no complaints but are looking to maximize the way their body functions, increase performance and energy, decrease stress and live a fully connected life. Either way, we would love to take care of you and your family.

  • Dynamic – Life is dynamic. So are you! The more positive health behaviours you take and the more supportive the environment, the healthier you become. Chiropractic allows you to change and adapt to your internal and external environments.
  • Organized – Your body is made up of highly organized systems that allow you to grow, heal, repair, move and experience life fully. It’s important for all of these systems to function properly and to work together in order for you to live your healthiest and most fulfilled life.
  • Transformational – You transform from two individual cells, into a fully functioning human being in nine short months. Your nervous system plays a vital role in this and continues to control every cell and tissue in your body throughout life. Chiropractic care helps to optimize this amazing nervous system.
  • Synergetic – Synergy, cooperation and teamwork help to increase what’s possible in our lives. We will work together, with you, for the common purpose of getting you as healthy and vibrant as possible.


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  • Chiropractor for pregnancy and pediatric care

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“I have suffered with a bad back for years so I decided to visit Lindsay at D.O.T.S chiropractic. She is so lovely, knowledgeable, and welcoming and puts you straight at ease. I was impressed with how thorough my initial diagnostic consultation was. When I had to take my little boy with me for an adjustment, Lindsay was so great with him and let him practice on an adjustable bear. Rosin is also really friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend!” – Naomi

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