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Before having my son, I would yo-yo diet a lot, constantly restricting my food which would always end in a binge.

I didn’t exercise much, if at all, maybe once every few months if my boyfriend could persuade me. I wanted quick fixes, so looked into liposuction and face fat dissolving.

I lacked confidence and never wanted to be in pictures. Every time I took a photo of myself i would pick it apart and criticize every little thing. But then Covid hit and I fell pregnant..

During my pregnancy, I had a lot of people tell me my body would never be the same again, and to throw away my pre-pregnancy clothes now, so I don’t feel upset when I try them on after birth. I knew very early on that I would prove them wrong and get back into my size 12 jeans!

I wasn’t active during pregnancy because I worked from home.

I started to worry that i wouldn’t be able to run around and play with my son. So 6 weeks after Jaxon was born, I was at a baby friendly bootcamp ready to drop the LBS. I started going 2-3 times a week which then grew to 7 days a week, it felt great and I lost weight, but my eating still wasn’t good, still restricting and binging on weekends.

I left bootcamp, worked part time and qualified to be a personal trainer. I educated myself the best I could with nutrition and exercise. As a mum its hard to fit everything into just 24 hrs!

I now feel the best i ever have, love having photos taken with my son. I look at them now as memories, not something to criticize.

My hard work and discipline meant me throwing away my size 12 jeans and buying size 10! A goal I never thought I’d achieve.