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I became interested in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) because it was completely different from my previous career in the Tourism industry. I have always had an interest in how our minds work, and how we form our beliefs and habits. The journey I have been on from studying, qualifying and practicing RTT has been amazing; I have learnt so much about how the mind works and how elements of my childhood have affected my beliefs and feelings.

In 2020 I started the RTT online classrooms course which gave me an amazing understanding of the whole process and enabled me to develop my skills across different issues. Over my period of study I have been able to develop myself as a practitioner within the RTT school. In December 2020 I graduated as a RTT Practitioner. In June 2021 I was lucky enough to complete the RTT Live professional course; this furthered my understanding of RTT, giving me experience of completing live sessions, and being trained and guided by Marisa Peer herself and her expert training team. This qualified me as an RTT Therapist

Throughout this qualification process I have supported my family to approach each of their individual barriers in a different way, like thinking of the mind as a filing cabinet and helping to clear it before home-schooling for my eldest, or taking three deep breaths to calm down for my toddler, and job confidence for my wife. Recently my eldest has been listening to targeted recordings on confidence and decision-making and I have seen remarkable changes in him over a three-week period. These are only a few elements used in RTT, but each has had a significant impact on those I love.

By having RTT sessions myself as part of the robust training to become an RTT Therapist and Hypnotherapist, I have been pleasantly surprised about the range of issues that can be addressed through RTT. I very much look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime do read some of my excellent feedback: https://www.hypnotic-change.co.uk/testimonials